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About Us

The impact of an uncontrolled fire and ill-prepared security related eventualities on business can be extremely serious, with the potential loss of lives and properties that we might not be able to quantify.
Our mission is to halt this huge loss to fire and security related incidents in the West African sub-region, through the ability to operate under tight schedules and commitment of our dedicated team of engineers that provide our clients with cutting edge solutions, technologies and consultancy.

Excel Industries

Who We Are

Fire situation in any facility that is intended for operation and storage of products with personnel and customers activities should be incorporated with minimum protection equipment that must be able to detect quickly at the incipient stage and a distinct/audible warning given so that people can escape safely.

Why Choose Us

After due consultation, putting into consideration the multi-purpose arrangement and the architectural layout deemed-to-satisfy standards for the fire safety requirements for the minimum requirement.

We have divided the fire protection measures of this complex/facility into 3 major parts, basically

  • > Fire detection
  • > Fire fighting
  • > Fire emergency drills/ trainings
Excel Industries

What We Do

  • > FM 200/CO2 SYSTEM

  • > CCTV



Excel Industries


To provide Reliable, High Quality fire protection product and services to our customers using the state of the art of technology and environmentally sound practices.

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